"In 2009, a crack commando unit was sent to undernet by an oper for a channel they didn't register. These people promptly built up an irc channel and helped it to be registered with X.     Today, still wanted by undernet, they survive as ops of fortune.   If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the A-Team".     (cue catchy music)                

Remember this TV series?

You can find us in #A-team...

We assist unregistered channels and their people on
the Internet Relay Chat servers on -
to regain control of their channels, where possible
establish their own team of operators,
encouraging them to understand what they are doing
and help them through the application process for registration -

We even assist unregistered channels and their people to
regain control when they don't have enough supporters for "X".
To establish their own small team, explaining Chanfix, and
helping them generally to understand what they are doing -

We are an experienced team of channel operators
who are familiar with the way undernet works...
who are happy to share for the good of the community
how to do everything right according to the book

But, importantly, we don't act as supporters for your channel.
WE show YOU and YOUR TEAM how to go about it :)

That's why we are the A-team <grin>

Our Mission - How we work - What we require of you


We even have our own Mr. T



Thanks to the several A-team websites we found these images on.
Please support them, and when the movie comes out in 2010, go and see it :)


Important Disclaimer: The A-Team is independant and not endorsed or sponsored by Undernet. We are purely here to help if desired, no pressure applied


last updated 20th January 2010